Tube Laser

With the addition of the Adige BLM LT8.10 tube laser cutter to the family we increase our processing capabilities further once again. This machine allows us to increase processing capabilities on your supply of tube, box section, angle and other profiles by saving you time and money on laborious time-consuming manual labour or tricky profiles that are difficult to cut by hand.


Cut diameters up to ∅240mm

Box section up to 200mm square

Bar weight up to 36 kg/m

Loading length up to 8.5m

Unloading length up to 6.5m

Wall thickness up to 10mm

3kW fibre laser source

Cuttable materials: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, galvanized

Type of cuts

Cod Mouth

Mitre Cut




Special Profiles

We aim to be your true ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your metal needs, be that stock product or laser cut and/or folded items. We are a true multi-metal stockist with vast processing capabilities. We utilise our own delivery trucks wherever possible so we maintain control of your orders ensuring we are able to offer reliable and accurate delivery dates at point of order placement.

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